The Many Benefits of Composite Decking

Your life is going well as you reflect on the best thing you ever did when resigning from work and starting your own brewery business. Beer has always a hobby of yours, so finding out after extensive research that you make a good brewer was terrific news.

Opening a small bar has been a great success, so much so that you have successfully applied to open up an extra outside area to customers, which you have decided to fit out with Trex composite decking for the following 8 reasons.

  1. You want something that is hard wearing, and with Trex offering a 25-year warranty against fading and staining, you know that you are getting value for money, especially as the shell-like technology surface is scratch resistant. Perfect for what you hope will be an area attracting many customers.
  2. There will be far less maintenance costs with a composite decking compared to wood or other surfaces which need replacement every few years, which costs additional money, which can be spent elsewhere on offering improved products and services.
  3. While you are not using wood, the composite surface can be made to look like it, or other types of floors, which means hardly anyone will notice, or indeed care, as long as they relax in clean and comfortable surroundings which can handle exposure to the sun.
  4. The costs of having to stain the decking to keep it looking new immediately disappear with the use of composite surfaces, and cleaning is far easier.
  5. There is an expert local firm who can fit the decking that has been in existence for nearly 70 years, carrying heaps of experience and positive testimonials. They are also the Australian importer of the product that you have chosen.
  6. Composite decking is family and pet friendly, as it eradicates the chances of splinters which can occur with wooden surfaces. Slip resistance is also available, ideal around the bar area where drinks will be collected.
  7. As composite decking is generally made of recycled products you will also be doing the environment a favour, which is certainly something to advertise on your website.
  8. It is a quick and easy solution to transforming the area you wish to use, with the experts soon laying you a level area ready to welcome your drinkers.

Choosing Trex composite decking will save you time and money while guaranteeing a quality finish.