National Floors Direct Reviews: Why Customers Value Healthy Home Certification 

When looking at National Floors Direct reviews, it’s easy to see that consumers appreciate the quality of workmanship and the range of services provided by the company. One of the most important things offered is that the organization is Healthy Home Certified. Why does it matter, and what does it mean to you if you are in the market to purchase new floors for your home?

Quality Products Matter in Flooring

The way a piece of laminate flooring looks is essential to the purchase process and aesthetics of the home. However, the quality of that product is just as important, and sometimes more so. Healthy Home Certification helps show consumers the true value of the product itself.

When looking at National Floors Direct reviews, it’s clear that people value the quality of the product. That’s why the company uses the highest quality of flooring products, including its luxury vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floor products. These all meet the strict U.S. guidelines in place.

Numerous Certifications Prove that Quality

The complex surface products offered have earned several third-party health and sustainability certifications. Each of these has its way of knowing the quality of the product.

  • FloorScore: The hardwoods, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring are offered to meet the very best level on this scale, which considers indoor air quality standards.
  • California Air Resources Board: The products offered also meet Phase 2 of the CARB certifications. That helps to ensure these flooring products meet particular formaldehyde emissions standards, improving air quality.
  • Environmental Product Declaration: This particular assessment focuses on the product’s environmental performance, including the laminates available from the company.
  • North American Laminate Flooring Association Certification: This certification for all laminates offered by the company meet specific high-demand performance standards, ensuring the long life of these products.
  • Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc: This particular verification ensures the wood used in the hardwood flooring products has been harvested sustainably.

Why Does Certification Matter to You?

When you look at National Floors Direct reviews how you’ll quickly see the importance of quality. Many other products do not last as long or provide the best wear and tear. That costs you money. However, you can have peace of mind when purchasing hardwood or laminate flooring with these certifications.

  • It is likely to last a long time with minimal areas of damage or wear and tear visible. That means beautiful floors in your home will last longer.
  • The materials included in these products are adequately made without the use of specific toxins that could cause harm to indoor air quality. The best products don’t emit toxins into your home.
  • The materials used in the flooring process are less likely to damage the environment. For many people, reducing their carbon footprint is worthwhile, according to National Floor Direct reviews.

Use Reviews to Gain More Insight

The National Floors Direct reviews show that consumers value quality products made in environmentally friendly ways. If you are looking for hardwood floors, vinyl luxury planks, or laminates that you can feel confident in purchasing, check out our inventory of products today.