Characteristics of a Great Kindergarten Teacher

If you are looking for a good kindergarten programme in Bangkok, you must assess a number of things before you make any kind of decision. One of the main elements to focus on during the process is the quality of the teacher. A first-class kindergarten teacher can make all the difference. When speaking to teachers, remember to look for these qualities.


Working with kids can be hectic, they are so full of energy and enthusiasm that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. A good kindergarten teacher must be patient, if they don’t have patience they’ll never succeed, especially with young kids. Many kids have never been in a school environment, so they find it difficult to adjust. They sometimes act poorly because they don’t understand the situation. A good teacher must be able to handle unruly kids, frustrated parents and demanding school management.

Sense of Humour

When choosing a kindergarten in Bangkok, look for a teacher with a sense of humour. Kids love teachers who can make them laugh, that doesn’t mean being a comedian all through the day, but they must have a sense of humour. If the teacher can make them laugh, they’ll be more engaged in the subject.


Kids are very emotional at a young age, so teachers must be able to show compassion and understanding. Some have never been away from home, so they need a teacher who shows them love during a challenging time. A good kindergarten teacher will be there for them when they need support. When assessing a teacher, watch them interact with students in class and outside of class. You’ll learn a lot about them through simple interactions.


Teaching kids is always a challenge, sometimes lessons go to plan and other times things just don’t work out. When choosing a kindergarten, you must look for a teacher who is creative and adaptable. When something does work out the way it should, they must have a backup plan. Kids are easily distracted, and they tend to get bored quickly, so the teacher should make every lesson fun and make sure it moves along quickly, so students don’t get bored.

When choosing a kindergarten for your children, it is important to look for a good quality teacher. It doesn’t matter if the programme is great, you need someone special to deliver it, that’s where a teacher comes in. They should have all the qualities listed above and more.