Can I Remove A Freestanding Bathtub?

Whilst it is a far simpler process to remove a freestanding bath than it is to remove a drop-in or a corner tub, there is still a lot to take into consideration before starting. On the face of it, this may seem to be a very basic process, but because of the plumbing that is involved and the weight of the bath, it is important that you know exactly what you are doing before getting started.

The most important thing to check before removing a freestanding tub is to check that  the tub is not inside a freestanding outer case. If it is, you will need to carefully remove the inner bathtub first, and then continue to remove the rest of the unit.

Water Off

It may sound incredibly simple, but the reality is that many people do forget to turn the water off before they take on a job such as this. Not only will you risk a great spill or flood here, but having the water on is in fact dangerous, especially as pressure may build and slipping can also occur if it leaks. It is therefore essential that you cut off the water to the bathroom before you get started with removing your bathtub.

Components to Remove

The first components which you should be looking to remove here are the drains and overflow covers. Drains and overflow covers have basic screws in the centre of them and once they have been taken off, the component should come off easily. In terms of the hoses which bring the water, these will need to be removed from the tub just as if you were just changing the taps – by using a wrench to disconnect the taps from the hose.

It should be noted that if you are changing from a freestanding bath to a different type of bath, then you should always use a plumber for this job, because it will involve having to move the plumbing around to accommodate a new bath.

Using a Friend

No matter what the plan is for the old tub, it is critical that you have some support with you for lifting the tub. Bathtubs may not appear heavy, but they are large and awkward objects, and even if you are able to lift it, a slip, trip or fall is all it will take for a serious injury to occur. Get some help for when you have disconnected the tub and you are looking to move it out.

Tips For Easy Removal

Over time the presence of water can lead to rust by the taps or the hoses, if this is the case, then try to grease up there with some lubricant, then dry off and try to remove again.

Be patient if you are not able to remove components around the drain or the overflow for the bathtub. If you go at this too hard, then you are at risk causing damage to the tub. Even if the tub will be going to waste, it is always easier taking it out in one piece rather than several.

If you are worried about the plumbing, then be sure to get a professional in before you cause any damage or further issues.

Good luck and remember that if you are in any doubt, call a professional.