Baton Rouge’s Classic Modern Steel Doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors

Over the years, Baton Rouge has made its interior and exterior door preferences very obvious. Modern steel doors are a clear winner, and it’s easy to see why. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most popular modern steel door designs in Baton Rouge.

As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is known for its historical landmarks, scenic landscape, unique attractions, and interior design. Whether you recently moved to the dynamic city or

have been living there for a while now, we’re sure you’ve acclimatized to its passion for residential sophistication and elegance.

The large majority of Baton Rouge properties are decked out in ultra-contemporary design and décor. Whether you explore South Baton Rouge, Highlands/Perkins, Garden District, or Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest, you’ll be taken aback by the incredible aesthetic appeal of each property. There’s something about Baton Rouge’s neighborhoods that’s missing in the rest of Louisiana!

If you’ve been considering getting your property up to speed with the city’s quintessential design requirements, make sure you start off on the right foot. When giving your home a makeover, prioritize the furnishings and fixtures.

We recommend starting off by indulging in a pair of fresh modern steel doors. Known for their sophistication, simplicity, and classic appeal, steel doors are a sight for sore eyes. However, choosing the perfect portals for your home can be quite a challenge.

If you’re struggling to find your favorite steel doors, we’ve rounded up Baton Rouge’s most popular styles to help you get inspired!

1.Steel Entry Doors

While choosing the right interior doors is important, taking your time to find the perfect pair of steel entry doors should always be your primary focus. If your property features bleak front doors, you’ll make a not-so-great first impression on guests. Ill-fitting, banal, and nondescript entry doors can reduce your property’s curb appeal and make your exterior entryway appear less inviting and compelling.

To undo the damage, indulge in a pair of sophisticated yet affordable steel entry doors. Pinky’s Iron Doors’ steel front doors are designed to make a winning impact. Their minimalist design is perfect for modern properties that need a little oomph. The sleek, simple, and luxurious doors add a touch of elegance to Baton Rouge properties.

Whether you’re looking for single steel doors or double steel doors, you’ll manage to find a pair that’s right up your alley. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, make sure you accessorize your front doors with an eye-catching transom and luxurious sidelights.

2.Steel French Doors 

Looking for the perfect pair of interior doors? Steel French doors should be your go-to! The dynamic doors are extremely versatile. Whether you’re looking for fresh doors for your master

bedroom, living room, home office, dining room, or kitchen, steel French doors will seamlessly fit into your desired space.

There’s a lot of room for experimentation. You can choose from different styles, colors, glass samples, and sizes to find a pair of steel French doors that complement your design preferences to a tee.

We also recommend accessorizing your new doors with pastel curtains. The soft hues will balance the strong finishing of the doors.

3.Steel Sliding Doors

Known for their accessibility, steel sliding doors are an easy favorite across Baton Rouge. The chic doors are perfect for kids and the elderly. Apart from being extremely functional, they’re also a visual treat!

Unlike regular doors, sliding doors glide along a smooth track. This helps homeowners save a ton of space and increase the overall aesthetic appeal of their living space.

Pinky’s Iron Doors’ steel sliding doors are designed with performance and elegance in mind.

You can also opt for custom steel sliding doors if you have a set of unique preferences in mind.

4.Factory-Style Steel Doors

Over the years, the demand for factory-style steel doors has rapidly increased. The expansive doors instantly catch the eye, and create the illusion of a larger space. Factory-style doors are longer and wider than regular doors. Their oversized appeal makes them perfect for interior spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light.

If your home features an excessive amount of walls, it can easily appear bulky, overdone, and dull. Installing factory-style steel doors is a great way to enliven and energize your home.

If you have a specific set of design requirements in mind, make sure you customize the doors accordingly. The final outcome will add a touch of exuberance, warmth, and effervescence to your space.

5.Pocket Steel Doors

A popular variation of steel doors, pocket steel doors have been making the rounds lately (for all the right reasons). The sleek doors disappear into hidden compartments in the adjoining walls. This makes them more accessible, space-saving, and visually engaging than regular sliding doors.

While both styles are popular in Baton Rouge, pocket steel doors may dominate the design landscape in a few years. Keep an eye out as the competition thickens!

In the meantime, start looking for your dream steel doors based on the insights shared in this article. Shortlist your finalizations until you have your final pick!

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