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Unique and Elegant Style by Biscotti

Right before Easter Biscotti contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a dress from their line. As soon as I saw those GORGEOUS dresses I just knew I had to get one for my beautiful god daughter! Seeing all of the unique dress choices Biscotti offers made me want to try for a daughter!


I selected the Dancing Vines dress and oh the pictures online do not do this dress justice! It is a layered chiffon dress covered with 3 dimensional vines that sway and move as she moves. It is just so beautiful on her! She wore it to church on Easter and refused to take it off all day. She still tries to get her mom to let her wear it almost daily!

As you can see from the pictures she had a blast Easter day and felt fabulous in her Biscotti dress! The next time you are in the markket for a beautiful, well made dress for a special occasion I would head over to Biscotti. They have a very large selection in all sizes and colors so you are guarenteed to find a style to fit your needs.


About Biscotti:

Biscotti is an international children’s brand inspired by fond memories of the carefree and innocent days of childhood.  With headquarters in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, our whimsical and romantic apparel collections have captured the hearts of customers since 1986.

The designs in our Biscotti and Kate Mack collections possess a nostalgic and modern appeal destined to please both the youngest customer and the fashion conscious young teen.  Whether the occasion calls for  a formal or more casual look, the combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and modest.

Many Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in leading publications. Such as Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue Bambini, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue. Young actresses have worn our looks for their Hollywood red carpet events. And our brand is a favorite among celebrities including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. A Biscotti dress graced television sets all over the world when Malia Obama chose to wear our red taffeta dress on her father’s election night.

Biscotti and Kate Mack styles can be found in luxury department stores. Including Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Barney’s andBloomingdale’s. The brand has had tremendous international success. Establishing a strong customer base in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Japan and the Middle East.

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