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Prepare for Kindergarten with Brainzy


As parents we know how important it is to give our kids the best start in life. When I went to kindergarten it was really just an introduction to how school works. We played, painted, colored, etc. We were only taught the basics for math and reading. I remeber learning my ABCs and colors and sight words. I was taught to count. Now they have to know addition, subtraction, how to read and much much more. This makes me nervous so I knew I needed to start teaching them at home so they are fully prepared. Brainzy can help get them prepared!


My son just turned 5 and will be starting kindergarten this year! I want him to succeed. I do not want things to overwhelm him. We found Brainzy a few months ago and it has been wonderful! I am confident he will excel when he starts school in a few months. I can see a huge difference already.

Brainzy builds reading and math skills with games, songs, and activities that are based on the common core standards. Guided by a lovable cast of original characters, kids cover a year’s worth of learning as they play through more than 300 fun games, 50 songs and videos, and 50 read-along stories. One subscription gets you access for up to three children, and it can be accessed from iPads, laptops, or desktop computers.

I love Brainzy. My kids love Brainzy. I have not found a single thing I do not like about it. They are learning but it feels like play which encourages them to stay on longer. We have tried other learning apps and sites but my boys lost interest quickly and I was having to force them to do them. Now they ASK me to do their educational stuff! You really can not go wrong with this!

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