My son LOVES marbles. They are one of his favorite things to play with. He rolls them on the floor, find containers to put them in to roll them around, shakes them in a bag, etc etc etc. Well today he was rolling them around in a box when he asked me if he could paint and I thought we would mix it up a bit and put his two favorite activities together! He was so excited when I said he could paint with his marbles! And so marble painting was introduced!

The process was super simple. I simply squirted the tempura paints into the paint container I always use then I had him place a few marbles into each color. While he was placing the marbles into the paint I got out our old cookie sheet and placed a piece of thick construction paper in the center. I then had him place the marbles along one edge. Once he had all of the marbles along the edge all he had to do was pick up the cookie sheet and let them roll!

I washed the marbles off every time we changed the paper out to keep the colors crisp. Once the marbles get a little too much paint on them, it is a good idea to rinse some of the paint off in between each child’s turn.  This helps keep the marbles rolling through the paint better and keeps you from getting nothing but brown because the colors are too mixed up.

I liked this activity because it takes good eye-hand coordination and a little practice in multi-tasking for them to tilt the box, keep an eye on the marbles so they don’t fall out of the box, and direct the marbles all at the same time. He loved it because he got to be kind of messy with his painting today!