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Halloween Baking Cup Creepy Spiders Craft

spiders craft

These were a lot of fun to make! We are having a Halloween party for my boys and I want adorable décor without breaking the bank. These spider are the way to go! I spent around $5 and only used a quarter of the items. The pipe cleaners I got were not quite strong enough to make them stand up (or maybe I was doing something wrong!) so ours are sitting. I will be buying a different brand if we make these again.

Creepy Spiders Craft


  • Black baking cups (not cupcake liners those are too thin)
  • Black pipe cleaners (chenilles)
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes or paint to make eyes
  • Glue if using googly eyes



  1. Cut a slit in two sides of the baking cup. You can pinch it together to get them even.
  2. Push four pipe cleaners all the way through both holes until you have an even amount on both sides.
  3. Straighten out the baking cup so it is round again.
  4. Bend the pipe cleaners until they look like spider legs. I bent the top on to the front, the bottom to the back, and just spread the middle two a little. Then I folded a small portion at the ends under to make it more stable.

Glue on googly eyes or paint on eyes. This is where you can get creative with your spider craft. You can make them mouths, add fuzz to the top of the baking cup to look like a tarantula, give them 8 eyes instead of the two, etc. The possibilities are endless.

This is just a basic tutorial for the spider craft. Feel free to add anything you like to make them fit your style or needs. If you are going for cute the smile and silly hair would be awesome. If you want scary I would add black fuzz and eight eyes to make them look more realistic. You can also buy the webbing and put them in the web!

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