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Fall Discovery Jars Sensory Play

fall discovery jars

I love Fall! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and the weather is wonderful. I took the boys outside to play and decided to have a treasure hunt. I had them find me Fall items such as fallen leaves of different shapes, berries, acorns, and twigs. While they were hunting I told them about Fall and how the trees are going to sleep so they need to shred their leaves. They liked the stories and enjoyed hunting for colorful items.

fall discovery jars

Once we got inside with our treasures we began our discovery jars. I started by filling the jars 3/4 of the way with water then adding oil to fill. I had then pour in some gold glitter and watch to see if it would settle to the bottom or float on top of the oil. Then I let them add a few drops of food coloring again I had them watch to see what would happen. Does the food coloring mix with the oil? Settle into the water?

fall discovery jars

They were excited to see the food coloring start to break through the oil layer and disperse into the water! He is watching his brother’s water not realizing his is doing the same! Now we began adding in our items from the treasure hunt! I asked what they thought would happen when they added the acorns. Both said they would sink to the bottom.

But they were wrong! The acorns floated on the oil until my son pushed a few down! I then had them push the leaves down into the water and stir it all around. A few acorns still stayed on top of the oil as did most of the glitter. Now I screwed on the lids and let them shake the jar to watch the oil and water mix. I asked if they thought it would stay mixed or if it would separate. They told me the oil would come back to the top and they were right of course!!

I now have their Fall discovery jars sitting on the bar as a decoration! They are so cute! The boys still grab them and shake them up every once in awhile!

Questions to ask while making the Fall discovery Jars

  • Will the oil and water mix?
  • Does the glitter float or sink?
  • Will the acorns float or sink?
  • Will the food coloring mix into the oil? Or the water?
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