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Cute and Easy Easter Egg Wreath

easter egg wreath

Spring is here! Spring is here! This is my favorite season! Everything is bright and new and colorful. We recently moved from an apartment to an actual house so I FINALLY get to really decorate for holidays! I decided to start off my decorating with a beautiful and easy Easter Egg Wreath! I have had to make 2 more since making mine for family members!!


  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 10” wreath
  • Plastic eggs, at least 3 dozen
  • Easter basket grass
  • Low-temp glue gun

1.  Hot glue the larger eggs randomly all over the wreath form.
2.  You will have some spaces between the eggs.  Squirt hot glue between the eggs and stick in the Easter grass.  Use scissors or something to help tuck it in, so you don’t burn yourself.  Trim any excess.
4.  Take a ribbon and make a loop and add a bow.

See I told you it was easy! I handled the hot glue gun but let the kids add the eggs. My little one said the eggs needed to be in a straight line so that’s what we did! You can get creative and angle them any way you like for a funkier effect.

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