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Easter Bucket Centerpieces

easter bucket centerpieces

I love Easter! Besides the religious part of it to me it means Spring is near! Warm weather, beautiful flowers, fabulous pastel colors, and fantastic days outside with my boys! I also love to decorate for every season and holiday. Decorating just sets the mood for holiday!

I had a few super cute white mini buckets left from a Christmas craft so I decided to make an Easter bucket centerpiece for my coffee table using the last of them. This is a pretty simple craft to make and I used items we already had on hand. The only things I purchased were the cake pop sticks and the foam eggs.

Easter Bucket Centerpieces


  • metal mini buckets
  • paint (we chose pretty pastels)
  • glitter
  • plastic Easter grass
  • foam eggs (found them at the dollar tree 12 for $1)
  • cake pop or treat sticks (found in the party/birthday section at WalMart)


  1. Poke the cake pop sticks through the bottom of your foam eggs just like you would if you were making a cake pop
  2. Paint your eggs in a variety of colors. We did green, pink, blue, and purple making two of each color.
  3. Sprinkle the painted eggs with similar colored glitter (pink glitter on the pink egg etc)
  4. Paint the mini buckets any color you like if yours are white like mine were. If you have colored buckets skip this step.
  5. Allow the eggs and buckets to dry for a few hours
  6. Stuff the buckets full of the plastic Easter grass. If you want to place Styrofoam on the bottom you can but I did not.
  7. Arrange your egg sticks around the back of the bucket
  8. Place a chick, bunny, or other Easter related character in the center of the bucket

easter bucket

The creature in the center is not a requirement but I love the way it looks. Like the little bunny is hiding in the grass between the eggs. My boys love these little things! One of them is actually in their room on their dresser because my son thinks it is so cute! I would love to see your creations and variations of this craft! Post them in the comments for us all to see!

Grab everything you need here!

6 pack Metal Bucket Light Blue Solid Colors

White Mini Metal Pail Bucket

Plaid Martha Stewart Pastel Satins and Glitter Paint Set

Blick Matte Acrylics – Pastel Set

FloraCraft Styrofoam Eggs 6 Pack

Lollipop sticks 100 count 6 inch

Sulyn Pastel Party Chambered Glitter Jar

Paper Easter Grass 4 Bags 1 of Each Color: Purple, Green, Pink & Yellow

Easter Basket Grass – One Bag

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