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Ease the Morning Rush with Entenmanns Little Bites


I have always loved Entenmann products. They make the best donuts! We recently found their Little Bites collection and it has fast become a daily favorite! I love their Little Bites muffin packs. They make the morning time rush so much easier. I get a delicious breakfast without the cooking or preparing. I simply grab a Little Bites pouch and a banana (and my coffee cup of course!) and off I go!

The kids love the brownie bites as a snack in their lunches.  They are a perfect snack size portion to pack for a quick snack at school. Entenmann’s Little Bites come in a wide variety of flavors such as banana, blueberry, chocolate chip muffins, crumb cakes, mini cupcakes and even seasonal products like their strawberry yogurt muffins.


The Entenmann’s Little Bites “Recycle… Reuse… Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Earth Day campaign teaches kids the importance of reducing waste while earning money for their schools by redeeming Little Bites pouches for cash and points with recycling partner TerraCycle® through the Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade®.

Entenmann’s Little Bites “Recycle…Reuse…Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Tips:


– Check-it: look for numbers and recycling symbols on plastics to know what types get reused

– Not sure what to do with your Little Bites pouches? Now you can recycle them with the TerraCycle Brigade programs and sign up  your school if it is not already participating. Check out what other lunch items TerraCycle recycles here:


– Put your sandwich in reusable lunchbox container to take home and use again

– Before you toss anything away, stop to think about how you might be able to use it again.  TerraCycle’s team of designers makes products out of wrappers and packaging.  Check out for ideas.


– Have any leftovers from lunch? Before you throw away, make sure to check out what biodegradable foods can be brought back home to be added to a compost pile.

– Make compost at home! Be sure to include the three basic ingredients: Browns (dead leaves, branches, twigs, cardboard, newspaper), Greens (grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, coffee grounds) and Water to make an effective outdoor composting area.  Check out more info from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) here:

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