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DIY Marbled Paper

Marbled Paper

Marbled paper is super cute. It is art and messy play all in one. I sons love when I let them play in shaving cream or paint. After the paper dries you can do more with it like add in glitter, stamp it, or add 3D items like pom poms. You can also use the marbled paper for invitations to a wedding or elegant event. Or you can just hang them up and enjoy!


  •  Spray the shaving cream into your dish (if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love doing this step on their own) then smooth the surface a bit with a spatula (or spoon, hands, etc).
  • Squirt the gel food coloring in lines across the shaving cream.
  • Swirl the colors together to create a marbled effect. You can use a craft stick, wood dowel, or a knife.
  • Press your paper into the painted swirls.
  • Lift the paper out of the shaving cream.
  • Scrape the shaving cream off of the paper with the craft stick or cut cardboard.
  • Set paper aside to dry while you make more!

Helpful Hits

  1. When you buy shaving cream, make sure it’s the foamy stuff. NOT gel. I’ve made that mistake and it’s a big one. We’ve had more success with the traditional men’s shaving creams, such as Barbasol. Plus it is much cheaper at around $0.95 a can!
  2. You can do shaving cream marbling with just about any paints or food coloring. We’ve done this with tempera paints, food coloring, and acrylics, and gel food coloring. The gel coloring is my favorite.
  3. Scraping the shaving cream off the paper right away is important. You don’t want to let the shaving cream soak into the paper. For scraping, use something with a wide, straight edge. I really like to use a cut piece of cardboard.
  4. Keep a wet washcloth and/or bowl of water handy for washing shaving cream-covered hands.
  5. To make clean up easier, spray off all the dishes and art trays outside with a hose.

For more messy shaving cream fun check out our Homemade Bath Paints recipe!
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