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Cut the Sugar and Nature’s Child Snack Pouches!

Nature's Child

What kid doesn’t love pudding? And fruit squeezers? Nature’s Child offers a great line of both. My boys have always loved fruit squeeze pouches but we had never tried pudding pouches until now! As a mom I love the convenience and portability of pouches. Snack pouches are perfect for on the go snacks and there is usually very little mess which makes mom happy!

Nature's Child

Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches were the first squeezable dairy pudding product of its kind. High-quality, delicious and convenient, the puddings are available in 3 flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana). The product never uses artificial colors or flavors, contains no empty calories, and never contains corn syrup. My boys love the chocolate and vanilla but were not big fans of the banana flavor.

Sunny Yummy, the latest addition to Nature’s Child pudd’n pouches line, is a healthier, fun snack product for children that offers less sugar per serving than any other portable puddings. I thought with it having less sugar it would be gross but they are actually quite tasty.  Sunny Yummy dairy pudding pouches are currently available in 4 delicious flavors: chocolate-caramel, vanilla, lemon and cinnamon. I tried the cinnamon myself and it was delicious.

Nature's Child

The fruit squeezers are made from 100% real fruit and comes in 7 flavors. Currently they have Apple Sauce, Apple cinnamon, Berry, Squashed Banana, Mega Mango and 2 new flavors: Radical Peach and Lean, Mean Green Apple.  None of the products have added sugar or artificial colors or flavors. Plus they do not use corn syrup! The packaging is very appealing to kids. They have popular cartoon characters on them so my son doesn’t ask for apple sauce he asks for Spongebob lol

Nature’s Child fruit sqeezers, pudd’n pouches, and Sunny Yummy products are on my kids lists of preferred snacks.

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