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Welcome to Mom Approved Reviews and News’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! The holiday season is a very busy and stressful time for everyone. Let me save you some time finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved one. Hopefully you find a gift or two you want for yourself too!

Hunting down a great gift can be a task. Especially if you are trying to go out of the box to find something uniques. Below you will find a great selection of unique gifts for everyone on your list. Most of the gifts are not available in your local chain retail stores so your gift will be special. I love receiving unique gifts. I just shows that the person giving it really took their time and thought it through. Instead of just running to their local chain store and grabbing whatever.

gift guide   Here you will find great gifts for those under 2 years of age

era organics 


gift guide Here you can find great goodies for your little ones.



gift guide Here are my picks for the ladies in your life. Appropriate for mom, sister, older daughter, etc.

era women book of the month green tree jewelry


 Here we have fabulous gifts for the men in your family.



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