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2017 Holiday Gift Guide Orb Factory Morph


Have you heard of Morph? It is a new compond made by Orb Factory. It is like kinetic sand on steroids! I have seriously never seen a product like this on the market. Morph takes all of your kids sensory favorites and combined them to make some magical compound.

Morph compound is so many things all at once. It is squishy yet will hold its shape. It can bouce, be moulded, AND float! It is light and sofr. The more the kids mould and play with it the fluffier it gets. You can see Morph in action in the video below.

Does it drive you crazy when your kids mix playdough or sand colors together because it can’t be separated? You will not have this problem with Morph. Your kids can mix the colors to create monsters, sea creatures, animals, or anything wlse they can think of and you can easily separate the colors when they are done!

My favorite part is that Morph floats! The kids can create boats or islands and take it in the bath with them. It will float and stay together! For me that is just amazing! I have never seen a product like this before.

Morph is available in six different colors: purple, green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. You can purchase yours on Amazon at the links below. It is very affordable at just $14.99 or less! This is going to be my son’s favorite Christmas gift. I better give it to him last so he opens the rest!

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